Operations Assistant - Atmos Energy (pampa, TX)

Title: Operations Assistant Responsible for field operations activities related to scheduling ITRON meter reading routes, monitoring and controlling MDT workload as appropriate, resolving meter exceptions, creating premises and accounts, receiving and scheduling construction and maintenance orders. 1. Receives customer service orders taken by Customer Support Center personnel; monitors, controls and reschedules MDT workload as appropriate; reads all system generated reports and makes preparations for next day operations. 2. Generates completing, closing, and canceling service orders. 3. Assists Customer Support Center by setting up premises, services, and accounts and creating meter orders. 4. Dispatches leak and emergency orders to Service Technicians. 6. Monitors, schedules, and processes ITRON meter reading routes, assigns priorities to calls, and schedules orders for appropriate construction and maintenance personnel. 7. Prepares, distributes, and maintains daily line locates. 8. Generates and maintains various logs and reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (i.e., leak log, new services, exceptions, soft:close, etc.). 10. Enters monetary and consumption adjustments to customer accounts. 13. May initiate, receive and confirm purchase orders and requisitions. 14. Assists service and construction and maintenance personnel by communicating pertinent data and other information related to various situations. 16. Performs other related duties as required. EDUCATIONAL/EXPERIENCE LEVEL: 1. A general educational knowledge normally acquired through a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and two years experience in customer service or a closely related field. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: NUMERIC SKILLS: Requires the ability to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. COMPUTER SKILLS: Requires proficient computer skills for data entry, reporting, reference and/or retrieval tasks. WORK CONDITIONS: Works in an office environment. Requires occasionally performing activities including, but not limited to, bending, stooping, grasping, reaching, twisting, turning and/or lifting. Source:

Don't Be Fooled

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